Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Get Instant Relief with Detensor

Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Get Instant Relief without Surgery with Detensor Therapy Method

Back Pain and Get Instant Relief without Surgery with Detensor Therapy Method

Non-surgical spinal column decompression methods are very effective for back pain relief. These treatments are very significant in removing the extra pressure on the inter-vertebral discs. These disks act as a shock absorbent and give stability to your back. Spinal traction is an excellent treatment method for relief of persistent back pain.

This Detensor therapy method consists of a traction bed system and a therapy mat for the treatment of intensive traction. Detensor therapy process is a successful therapy which is very helpful for back pain relief and also practical for many spine problems and to maintain a healthy vertebral column.

Primary Characteristic of Detensor Therapy Method:

Detensor spinal traction therapy method is specifically designed to treat backaches in recumbent and sitting positions. It is very efficient to provide back pain relief, and it works by removing muscle tension in the back and causing spinal decompression. High elasticity property of the foam-like mats let it help in relieving the pain.

Working of Detensor Therapy Method:

Spinal traction therapy reduces the pressure on the vertebral discs and aids in the alignment of the spine. In this way, it reduces the tone of back musculature and removes the pressure on the compression nerve and nerve roots as well.

Advantages of Detensor Traction Therapy:

Detensor therapy treatment is very famous because it is very helpful to get relief from back pain without surgery. Some great benefits of this therapy treatment are given below:

  • This therapy treatment is simple to use, and you can conduct it at home.
  • This system is a stress-free therapy method.
  • It is an incredible back pain relief treatment at a less cost.
  • It is very efficient to increase lymphatic flow.
  • You can apply it for more periods according to the situation because it does not have any harmful effect.
  • This therapy treatment also has the traction of the cervical spine.
  • Spinal traction is also useful to decrease tone in muscles and tendons.
  • It is significant for tissue generation by increased vasculature.
  • It is used for extension of shortened muscular structures.
  • It gives instant pain relief, even after 20 min of therapy the pressure between the discs start reducing.

At Physical Therapy Office:

In physical therapy office, it is also very effective to use Detensor therapy treatment because this method enhances the results and other therapies. It is also very effective to improve the healing process and gives pain relief in a short time. Physicians also recommend it because of its cost effectiveness.

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Lower Back Pain Treatment


lower back pain treatment

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that around 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain daily.  Those who suffer from this condition will look for medical, surgical, and therapeutic options to alleviate the pain and enable them to perform their daily tasks.  Chiropractors estimate that $50 million dollars a year is spent on treatment and therapies to combat this problem.  While there are surgical and invasive treatments, most people would prefer not to go that route.  Complementary therapists have developed many alternative therapies for lower back pain, some to treat the symptoms, others to address the cause.  One approach is to use manual manipulation or devices that will help to decompress the disks of the back and increase or open the flow of fluid into the spine.

Physical Therapy and Manual Manipulation

Some therapists address the muscles of the lower back while chiropractors use manual manipulation of the spine to adjust the bones and disks of the back.  Addressing the muscle tension will feel good temporarily, it doesn’t change the cause or root of the problem.  Back adjustments can help but they also require a lot of visits to the doctor and time off work.

Spine Decompression, Back Traction

Chiropractors tend to invest in the larger machines like the DRX9000 because they can adjust the spine more quickly than a table or mat.  However, more and more chiropractors and alternative therapy centers are investing in mats and tables because they are gentler method of reducing herniation.

DETENSOR® was created with the goal of correcting herniated disks.  We began with a simple design and improved upon it over time.  We have produced a mat that applies a maximum traction force of 18% in spine.  This force helps to increase fluid flow by stretching the spinal column and in turn massaging the connective tissues.