Advantages and conclusions of doctors on the application of the method “Detensor”

Advantages and conclusions of doctors on the application of the method “Detensor”.


  1. Very good results were achieved when using a sleeping traction therapeutic mat by specialists in traumatology and orthopedics for back pain in patients who underwent myocardial infarction who were able to give up painkillers. Contraindications to this method is not revealed.
  2. In terms of the cost of treatment, the “DETENSOR” system is the most economical, as evidenced by the experience of many doctors who use it.
  3. The system is so simple that it can be used independently, after a short explanation. It is recommended to them to avoid relapse of the disease after discharge from the hospital.
  4. The appearance of the system is also simple and does not cause anxiety in patients, which contributes to recovery.
  5. The application of the system does not cause additional stress on the vessels (which occurs when pulling upside down), which is especially dangerous in patients in old age, who suffer from thromboses, who underwent myocardial infarction, etc.

6.Traction action extends along the entire length of the spine. The general total relaxation of para-vertebral muscles was revealed under the influence of the system, the asymmetry of muscle tone disappeared.

  1. A significant improvement in the nutrition of inter-vertebral discs has been noted. Under the influence of the “Detensor” system, re-hydration of the inter-vertebral discs occurs, the supply of nutrients to them increases, and as a result, tissue regeneration occurs.
  2. According to the professor of the University of Bonn G. Schumpe and the professor, Dr. Froboze, the “DETENSOR” system can correct the curvature of the spine (scoliosis).
  3. Measurements conducted at the University of Basel showed that the use of a therapeutic mat increases the patient’s growth to 1 inch. Long-term studies have shown the maximum increase in growth to 1.5 inches.
  4. A comparative analysis of the results of various types of treatment of diseases of the spine, conducted at the University Clinic in Bonn, showed that the efficiency factor for physiotherapy and therapeutic gymnastics is 0.89, while traction by trapezoidal suspension is 0.90, and when using the method “DETENSOR” – 0.98.
  5. Even though, first, the system is designed to stretch the spinal column, other positive results of its influence became known with the years. For example, the ribs that are constantly in motion not only contribute to strengthening the spinal cord, but also actively massage the ligament apparatus and internal organs. There is an improvement in the bio-mechanics of sleep, which is confirmed by measurements on special equipment. Due to the unusually high point elasticity of the system, blood circulation disorders are excluded, an increase in micro circulation is noted in it.

Under the influence of “Detensor” – therapy, sparing traction of the spinal column and para-vertebral tissues occurs, which is comparable to acupuncture points located primarily on the “posterior median meridian”, where the representative points of all other meridians and body systems are concentrated.

When comparing the “Detensor” system with classical methods of stretching, such as the Glisson loop, trapezium, a device for stretching the back, transverse boards, tables with loops, etc., there is no stress on the vascular system, psychological stress, and other side effects.

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