Unusual Back Pain Treatment Therapies

Alternative, Exotic Even Bizarre Methods for Back Pain Treatment

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Elephant Massage

This doesn’t sound that much different than massages where the masseuse steps on your back, here the stepper just happens to weigh 3 tons. Baby elephants are trained in Thailand to perform pressure massages on tourists at public beaches. The elephants, which can also be larger and a little older, are always accompanied by their trainers to control their movement, and make sure you aren’t squashed, and ensure the client gets quality service. The talented elephants use two techniques; some use their soft round front limbs by tapping slowly on the back of the client, while others employ a quicker motion using their trunks to gently pound down.

Massage done by elephant massager

Botox for Back Pain?

It fights face lines, but can it contest back pain? Yes, some study found that Botox can significantly cut back pain.1 Another clinical trial showed that it’s harmless, too. Botox for your back works along the same positions as Botox for your face: It relaxes muscles by blocking neurotransmitters that tell muscles to contract. When it comes to the back, Botox is most effective for muscle pain. However, the benefits of Botox are short-lived; it’s expensive, but few health insurance providers cover it.

Not Your Average Magnet

Magnets used for managing pain come in all different, shapes, sizes, and strengths. They’re often placed on your skin at painful areas of the body. Researchers think they may provide pain relief: They may change how nerve cells function by blocking pain signals to the brain. They may also help increase blood flow to tissues. Magnets aren’t safe for some people, however: They can interfere with medical devices, such as a pacemaker or insulin pump.

Magnetic therapy against back pain

Bee stings and Bee Venom Acupuncture.

Advocates of bee sting therapy — also known as apitherapy — claim that substances released in bee venom can reduce pain and inflammation. One report published way back in 1989 found that bee sting therapy was safe and effective in treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It takes multiple bee stings for the venom to have a therapeutic effect. Be sure that you’re not allergic to bee stings — up to 3 percent of adults are. Honeybee venom increases blood circulation, softens tissues, reduces inflammation, and increases feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, giving you an emotional boost in addition to treating your pain. Doctors sometimes prescribe sterilized bee venom for patients to inject themselves at home, though usually not in acupuncture points. Bee venom is also available online mixed into products like skin creams and dietary supplements. Of course, be sure to stay far, far away from this if you have an allergic reaction to bee stings.

bee stings, bee venome could trea back pain

Sleep in a Scarf to Prevent Neck Pain

More than 80 percent of your body heat comes from muscular contraction. When you’re cold, your muscles tighten slightly to generate heat. Your neck is uniquely exposed at night, especially when you’re covered in blankets, robbing your neck muscles of the chance to rest, recover, and heal like the rest of your body, he adds. With a scarf, your neck will be toasty and relaxed. You should feel daytime relief within three to four days, he says.

Applying raw potato peel.

You might have read about potato poultices, bundled scrapings of potato that are applied to your back where it hurts. There’s no reason to think potatoes have magical properties that counter pain, but in this case, some people said, your pain could be moderated by the distraction of the poultice preparation process and by the cool sensation of the potato peel. It wouldn’t hurt to use, or reuse, refrigerated peelings for a nice cold pack effect.

Potato lovers should know - potato peels may cut back pain

Wearing red flannel.

Although not on the prescription pad, donning red flannel footie pajamas (or just the red flannel band some recommend) could help you manage pain by providing comfort and a bit of warmth. If that interests you, you might want to try massage therapy, which has been proved to help ease back pain — no studies have been done regarding the wearing of red flannel.

Try Natural Painkillers

Chronic pain means a chronic need for painkillers, but popping ibuprofen is only recommended for up to 10 days, certainly not for weeks. Not only can herbal aspirins offer safer, long-term pain relief, some can even be taken alongside nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen or aspirin to increase their potency. Try Corydalis Yanhusuo, a traditional Chinese herbal pain medicine, or Curcumin, a chemical found naturally in the Indian spice Turmeric.

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