Back Pain Relief Naturally


A lot of people experience back pain at different age groups. Reports suggest that nearly 88% of adults complained of having experienced acute to a chronic backache at some period in their life. There are both therapeutic and non-therapeutic methods for the treatment of back pain. In a lot of cases, complete relief can be attained by use of no medications at all. However, it is strictly advised to discuss your back pain (especially if you are clueless about the cause) with your doctor before proceeding with non-therapeutic methods for its treatment. 

Application of heat or cold:

The most old-school yet two of the most effective methods for the pain relief are by applying heat or cold to the aching area. You can use the following methods for applying heat:

  • Fill a plastic bottle with hot water and wrap a towel around it. Let the towel absorb some heat and then apply this towel-covered bottled to the pain area.
  • A long hot shower can be helpful in relieving the back aches.

If the pain is related to some inflammatory disease, application of a cold material can be soothing and pain-relieving. You can make a cold pack as follows:

  • Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and apply it to the aching area in short intervals until the water melts.
  • Soak a towel in cold water and apply it to the aching parts.

It is advised not to perform the procedures for too long if the pain is not reduced. 

Postural Backache:

Poor Posture Causing Your Back Pain

Many backache cases are reported to be due to the wrong posture. Improving your posture in these cases can easily resolve the back ache. This pain occurs due to the pressure applied to the bones by wrong postures and can be improved by:

  • Practice yoga and exercises that tend to increase the flexibility of your body and the back. Another effective exercise is Pilates. This system focuses on providing strength to your core muscles and thus reduces back aches.
  • Remember that your head should be in a straight leveled position while standing or sitting. Bending the head too much is a very common cause of a postural backache.

Massage Therapy:

Massage Away Lower Back Pain

Massage therapy has proved to be effective in the recent times. This holds especially true for the people who suffer from muscular backaches. Massage therapy helps in reducing the tension in these muscles like the techniques of spinal traction and Detensor method and, therefore, relieves a backache.

With the non-therapeutic methods being brought into practice, medications are usually delayed in the treatment of backaches. This is because these methods have proved to be very helpful in relieving the pain. However, be advised, that not all the back pains can be relieved by these methods and you may seek professional help in certain cases.