Choosing Chiropractor


The profession of chiropractic involves an extensive range of practical techniques and philosophies, which makes it quite difficult to choose the best chiropractor for your health problems. Since the treatments provided by a chiropractor are solely physical, thus it is essential to consider both the compatibility with the style of joint manipulation as well as relationship with the doctor.

In this article, you will get to know some major questions that you must ask while interviewing a chiropractor. Besides, in this article, we have also highlighted a few red flags that may point out questionable healing approaches.

Tips on Choosing a Chiropractor

Suggestions on How to Look for a Good Chiropractor

Initially, consult with a spine specialist, physical therapist or a primary care physician for recommendations regarding chiropractors who they consider trustworthy and competent. You can ask ‘Who would you recommend if someone in your friends or family needed a chiropractor? You can even take suggestions from your neighbors, co-workers and friends

However, be exercise caution. This is because the definition of the perfect chiropractor may be different for different individuals as well as their views on who they consider the best chiropractor. Although, it is beneficial to take suggestions, but on the other hand, it is also essential to look for a chiropractor who can meet your particular requirements. In general, consider that chiropractor who is suggested by most of the people, as there are more chances that he is reliable.

How to Interview a Chiropractor

Before you start treatment for your back pain, it is generally best to have a meeting or a telephonic conversation so that you can learn more about the clinic, the chiropractor and the procedures used.

It is essential for you to feel relaxed when you visit the clinic and the chiropractor so that you can enjoy an overall positive treatment experience. However, feeling relaxed at the chiropractor clinic depends on several factors, such as chiropractor’s office location or how long the doctor has made you wait in the waiting room.

You can consider below mentioned questions as per the experience and rapport with a chiropractor clinic team during your very first interview:

  • Did you feel relaxed while talking with the chiropractor?
  • Did he answer all your questions in detail?
  • Did you find the chiropractor courteous and friendly?
  • Find out that whether he is listening to the explanation related to your treatment preferences and concerns?
  • For how long is he practicing his profession?
  • What is the qualification of the chiropractor? Does he possess any particular post-graduate or undergraduate specialty?

This question is necessary because some chiropractors pursue diploma programs in different fields, such as nutrition, orthopedics, neurology, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Conducting Research on the Chiropractor’s Background

It is also important to find out that if there are any penalizing activities against the chiropractor.  You can easily find this information from Chiropractic Licensing and Regulation Board of each state, which can generally accessed from the state’s website.

No doubt, it is necessary to be very careful while choosing any health care professional for any type of treatment. Do not rust to get treatment from the first chiropractor you interview. It is always best to interview several chiropractors before you choose the most suitable one who can treat your muscle problems while considering your concerns and preferences.

Question to Ask Regarding Chiropractic Technique

Following are some sample questions that may help you know about the techniques and procedure that a chiropractor may apply during your treatment. Besides, you can also assess whether or not the doctor is a good fit for you.

  • Ask about the techniques that chiropractor uses ad why. Generally, chiropractors have experience in a variety of procedures and they select the best one that perfectly goes with the condition of the patient.
  • Does the chiropractor use a low-force or a joint-popping and deeper adjustment?
  • Find out that the chiropractor uses instruments or hands for the chiropractic manipulation.
  • Check out whether the chiropractor has experience in healing those conditions that you are suffering?
  • How much experience and training does the chiropractor have in the certain procedure that she or he is suggesting for you?