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On this page, we present an atlas of back pain and pain symptoms in other parts of the body associated with the back and spinal column.

Dr. Henry Windsor, who was a Medical Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania, has played out a medicinal analysis in 1921. He discovered ailing kidneys, livers, pancreases, hearts, , bother bladders, lungs and so forth, and so on. Dr. Windsor followed the nerve foundation of each ailing organ back to the spine and discovered that 128 sick organs from 50 corpses had an association with the bend of the vertebrae or postural unsettling influences.

This is a serious question how unhealthy spine affect your internal organs . Medical professionals have numerous patients coming into our office with back agony, neck torment, and migraines. In any case, they regularly give different conditions that are not “commonplace” chiropractic conditions. In spite of the fact that we can not state that we can cure ailment or treat these conditions, regardless we focus on the nerves and the spinal level that may identify with that condition.

Just click on the picture from the table under this text with the organ, the pain in which you are concerned and familiarize yourself with possible causes, symptoms and methods of treatment.

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