Physiotherapy Spinal Traction Stretching Exercise

Physiotherapy has proven to be possibly the best treatment for backaches during the last two decades. There are many known causes of chronic back pain and physical therapists have succeeded in finding really effective treatments for all these different causes. By using different techniques, these physiotherapists put your body through different sets of exercises which bring about the pain relief. These exercises are specified for the neck, upper back, and lower back pain and aim to apply targeted thrusts to these sites which then reduce the muscle tension or spinal compression.

This article focuses on spinal traction exercises that you professional physiotherapists will facilitate you to do. Although there are some effective exercises that can be done at home but since some of them are practically very difficult to do on your own, this is where professional help and physiotherapeutic devices and units become really beneficial. What your physiotherapist will do is actually apply thrusts or force to your spine in order to separate the vertebrae of your spine. The most common practice is to put your body in a position as if it were hanging upside down by your feet and a force was being applied to your neck or the back. Since this is practically impossible to be done, chiropractors have designed traction beds to make the application of this force possible.

Phisycal therapy - spinal traction tables

Shown above is a traction unit which is a bed like device containing different components for applying the necessary forces to your body. By allowing your body to perform these exercises, the physiotherapists aim to separate the compressed vertebrae. The force is gently applied and a moderate separation of up to a few millimeters is seen in the vertebrae. This separation causes relief of pain due to compression, herniation, postural defects or muscle tension.

Another important technique that links directly to the upper back pain is the neck traction which is basically another spinal traction exercise. Your physiotherapist will ask you to lie on the traction unit and will first adjust the right posture of your back and neck. By providing support to the base of your neck, the physiotherapist will rotate your neck around an axis gently and apply moderate force at different angles. These movements also help in relieving the upper back and neck pain.

Manual massage and spinal traction

Physiotherapy cervical traction

Neck and upper back stretching physical therapy

While some effective home exercises are available for spinal traction, it sometimes becomes necessary to seek professional help in this regard. This is because of the limitations of movements the exercises you can do on your own allow. Therefore, it is strictly advised to visit your physiotherapists for back pain relieving exercises if your back pain persists for a chronic period of time.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Get Instant Relief with Detensor

Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Get Instant Relief without Surgery with Detensor Therapy Method

Back Pain and Get Instant Relief without Surgery with Detensor Therapy Method

Non-surgical spinal column decompression methods are very effective for back pain relief. These treatments are very significant in removing the extra pressure on the inter-vertebral discs. These disks act as a shock absorbent and give stability to your back. Spinal traction is an excellent treatment method for relief of persistent back pain.

This Detensor therapy method consists of a traction bed system and a therapy mat for the treatment of intensive traction. Detensor therapy process is a successful therapy which is very helpful for back pain relief and also practical for many spine problems and to maintain a healthy vertebral column.

Primary Characteristic of Detensor Therapy Method:

Detensor spinal traction therapy method is specifically designed to treat backaches in recumbent and sitting positions. It is very efficient to provide back pain relief, and it works by removing muscle tension in the back and causing spinal decompression. High elasticity property of the foam-like mats let it help in relieving the pain.

Working of Detensor Therapy Method:

Spinal traction therapy reduces the pressure on the vertebral discs and aids in the alignment of the spine. In this way, it reduces the tone of back musculature and removes the pressure on the compression nerve and nerve roots as well.

Advantages of Detensor Traction Therapy:

Detensor therapy treatment is very famous because it is very helpful to get relief from back pain without surgery. Some great benefits of this therapy treatment are given below:

  • This therapy treatment is simple to use, and you can conduct it at home.
  • This system is a stress-free therapy method.
  • It is an incredible back pain relief treatment at a less cost.
  • It is very efficient to increase lymphatic flow.
  • You can apply it for more periods according to the situation because it does not have any harmful effect.
  • This therapy treatment also has the traction of the cervical spine.
  • Spinal traction is also useful to decrease tone in muscles and tendons.
  • It is significant for tissue generation by increased vasculature.
  • It is used for extension of shortened muscular structures.
  • It gives instant pain relief, even after 20 min of therapy the pressure between the discs start reducing.

At Physical Therapy Office:

In physical therapy office, it is also very effective to use Detensor therapy treatment because this method enhances the results and other therapies. It is also very effective to improve the healing process and gives pain relief in a short time. Physicians also recommend it because of its cost effectiveness.

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